Rosa Muñoz

Rosa Muñoz is one of the most interesting photographers in Spain. She is currently working with several art galleries in Spain and Europe, and has participated in the most important art fairs as ARCO, Photo Miami or Maco in Mexico or Photo Festival as Photo España or recently in Seoul Photo Festival. All of them are really must in the international art agenda.

Her photography has only one intention: to dress our eyes. But how is it possible? We can only see, using our pure way to look at but she uses all kind of tricks to distort the reality. In order to get that new reality that is real and fictitious at the same time, she chooses a really special locations that are transformed into another thing through using odd elements that adds to the background. She also works with the latest techniques and tools to mix all the ingredients. The results are amazing worlds to explore and artworks that show media that have never seen before.

Nowadays this brave lady is developing a new series called “Stratums of Time” where is working with a amazing technique that consists on photos of huge accumulation of items as trash, clothes, sings… that are really beautiful and inspiring as they are, although they are not only a beautiful image but a kind of sculpture to be hung. All thanks to the new and original way of mounting her new series. A interesting system that mixes craftwork and technology. Muñoz uses canvases to print her accumulations and crowds and then covers all the surface up with a layer of resin creating fanciful waves, playing with the original picture and creating a new photo-sculpture.